Registered Migration Agent No. 0742052

Recruitment Advertising:

Under the 457 visa program, before a business may nominate an overseas worker, the business may have to advertise the position first, i.e. the business must  show that no suitable Australians were found.

Provide information

Companies must provide information about all advertising and/or other recruitment efforts undertaken in relation to the nominated occupation in the last 12 months.

They must advertise the position you wish to fill, i.e.. Carpenter, Plumber, etc.

• Details of where the advertisement or recruitment effort took place

• Period/dates of advertising or recruitment

• Fee/s paid for advertising or recruitment

• Provide details of who the fees were paid to

• Geographical target audience

• Number of applications received

• Number of applicants that were hired

• Reasons that candidates were not successful


• Use of social media to advertise a vacant position(s) is acceptable.

• Paid advertising will not be considered more favourably than free advertising

• advertising on company’s own website is acceptable

• use of an external recruitment agency

• participation in job and career expositions

• you must provide information about redundancies or retrenchments within the last 4 months


Some exemptions may apply.

For example:

• Nominees who are citizens of Chile, Thailand, NZ are exempt

• Nominees who have worked in Australia for you for 2 years on a full time basis

• Occupations where the entry qualification is a Diploma, Degree

• Trade occupations that require a CERT III are NOT exempt

• Engineers and Nurses are NOT exempt