Parent visa

Parent visa's allows parents of Australian residents to join their children who are living in Australia.

Balance of Family test

Parents must have 50% of their children living in Australia as Australian permanent residents.


One of the children must be an Australian sponsor, meeting the settled sponsor criteria. To be considered "settled" the sponsor must have settled permanently in Australia prior to the Parent visa application date.

The following periods generally apply:

  • 3 months for Australian citizens

  • 2 years for Australian permanent residents


Partner visa

Australians (permanent residents and Citizens) may sponsor partners for a permanent residence visa.

There are 3 types of Partner visa's:

1) Married couples, where the visa applicant is married to an Australian.

2) De Facto couples who are not married, but have lived together for 12 months prior to application.

3) Engaged couples, where the applicant is engaged to be married to an Australian, in Australia, within 9 months of arrival.

Generally, a 2 year provisional visa is granted to married and de facto applicants. The relationship is then re-visited after 2 years (from lodgement date), and assessed for permanent residence. No further fees are due.

A 9 month visa is granted to the engaged applicant, who then makes an application for a spouse partner visa application within the 9 month validity.



Student visa

For full time Students enrolled in a  course of study. Students may only work 20 hours per week while studies are in session


Visitor visa

There are a range of Visitor visa's for different purposes.

Visitors may not work in Australia, except in extra-ordinary cases. Advice should be sought on acceptable forms of work whilst holding a Visitor visa.

Below are some common Visitor Visa's:

subclass 600 - Visitor visa

 • to visit or for business purposes

 • for up to three, six or 12 months.

subclass 651 - eVisitor

 • to visit or for business visitor purposes

 • for up to three months at a time within a 12-month period.

 • ​​​​​​This is a free visa.

 • You must be a passport holder of a certain country.

subclass 601 - Electronic Travel Authority

 • to visit or for business visitor purposes

 • as many times as you want, for up to a year

 • and stay up to three months for each visit.

subclass 444 - Special Category visa

 • This visa lets New Zealand citizens visit, study, stay and work in Australia.

subclass 461 - New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship (Temporary) visa

 • This visa allows a non-New Zealand family member of a New Zealand citizen to live and work in Australia for up to five years.

Work visa - temporary (4 years)

The 457 visa program is designed for Australian businesses to sponsor overseas workers to fill temporary (4 years) skill shortages in Australia.

Visa holders generally become eligible for permanent residence via the ENS visa scheme, after 2 years, or sooner, depending on skill level of applicant.

Stage 1 - Sponsorship:

Businesses must first apply for sponsorship status, and prove it has trained its Australian staff. The company must show that it has spent at least % of its payroll for the past year on training of its Australian staff.

Stage 2 - Nomination:

Thereafter the business may apply for approval to fill a specified role, i.e. an approved occupation. Businesses may often have to advertise the position locally first.

Stage 3 - Visa application

Thereafter, the nominee (visa applicant) may apply for the 457 visa.

Their skills & qualifications will be assessed in regards to the entry level qualifications required for the particular occupation the business is seeking to fill. (specified by ANZSCO).

Other criteria include:

• Qualifications - entry could be Apprenticeship, Trade Certificate, Diploma, Degree

• Work experience - entry could  be 3 years for Trades, Diploma level, or 5 years for Degree level.

• English

• Health insurance - Specifically for working visa purposes. Stiudent visa health cover is not appropriate. Some countries have reciprocal health cover agreements with Australia.

• X-ray (depending on passport held and previous countries visited

• Skills Assessment. In certain occupations, and if requested by the Dept.

• Licensing (if applicable

Work visa - permanent residence

The Employer Nominated Sponsored (ENS) visa is designed for companies to fill long term needs, by sponsoring overseas skilled workers for permanent residence.

To sponsor a worker, a company must have met various obligations, most importantly training of Australian staff.

To apply for the visa, the overseas skilled worker must meet various criteria:

• Be under 50 years

• Have English language skills

• Have appropriate qualifications and work experience

• Licensing/registration in certain occupations

• Pass health and character tests

• In some cases, have held a 457 visa for 2 years, with the same employer, working in the same occupation.

• In other cases, if the applicant has 3 years post graduate work experience in the nominated occupation, they may apply without waiting for 2 years on a 457 visa. Before they may apply however, the skills of the applicant must be assessed by the designed authority in Australia.


Working Holiday visa

For people aged between 18 and 30 from specified countries to have a holiday in Australia and to work for no more than 6 months with each employer.

Visa holders may spend 1 year in Australia to work and travel. Work is restricted to 6 months for each employer.

An extension may be granted for 1 more year to stay in Australia, if the WHV holder completes a period of designated work, (3 months) in Australia, for example fruit picking or construction work.

Skill Select

Intending migrants must be invited by the Australian Government to lodge a visa application. Before an applicant may be invited, there are numerous steps to complete:

• Be less than 50 years old.

• Applicants must first have their skills assessed by an appropriate authority in Australia. This is the cornerstone of the application.

• Have appropriate qualifications.

• Have appropriate work experience.

• Meet English language skills

• In some cases, the applicant must be nominated by a State/Territory Government. Each State sets out which occupations they are looking for. States will only consider applicants with a positive skills assessment, amongst other things.

• Pass the points test. The passmark is currently set at 60 points.

Points test

Points are awarded for various factors:

• Age

• English

• Work experience - overseas

• Work experience - Australia

• Completion of a Professional year in Australia

• Qualifications - overseas qualifications

• Australian study qualifications - completion of a specific level of qualification

• Having studied in regional Australia

• Partner skills - based upon your overseas spouse or de facto partner skills

• State or Territory nomination


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