Registered Migration Agent No. 0742052



Firstly, we uncover what is it that you want to achieve, i.e. permanent residence, Australian Citizenship, temporary sponsored work visa, study, etc. This can be achieved via email, telephone or a brief meeting.


Secondly, I make an assessment of your eligibility. This involves an evaluation of your skills, work experience, qualifications as well as research of Migration legislation and policy.


Thirdly, I would propose a strategy + costs to achieve the desired outcome. If you accept my proposal I ask that new clients sign a contract (for consumer protection) + 50% deposit of my fees to a Client Account (to be held in trust). I am regulated by DIBP and have many compliance obligations to be mindful of.

Thereafter you may expect the following:

Gather information:

Provision of document checklist, tailored for your circumstances. Documents may be provided by email (or DROPBOX), preferably as a colour scan (PDF, Jpeg).

Client Questionnaire (Adobe PDF computer based) designed to capture all your relevant information. This is so that I may populate all the visa application forms electronically and save you time finding all the forms (there are numerous), printing them, hand-filling them, and submitting your case before any essential form changes invalidate the version you have filled in. (forms change every couple of months)

Preparation of Skills Assessment:

Skills Assessment (if required). This can often be the single most important part of the entire application. Careful thought goes into selecting the correct ANZSCO code for your occupation. In most cases there may be a few codes which could apply, and often the Assessing authority has a different view to the applicant. Authorities are refusing numerous applications for picking incorrect ANZSCO codes. It is then difficult to remedy a refusal, as a re-assessment is required where you may provide fresh information (which may not contradict the information already provided).

Preparation of Visa application:

Preparation of visa application forms (+ sponsorship forms if required). These are prepared from the Client Questionnaire you filled in, and the supporting documentation provided. It's a matter of quality IN = quality OUT !

Submission of application:

Lodgement of visa application. Usually electronically, but sometimes paper application lodged at a prescribed office. I only lodge applications where I am 100% confident of success. I will advise you of any doubt before lodging and what steps to undertake to strengthen your case.

Decision Ready application:

It is my intention to submit a decision ready application which may be finalised in the first instance without any further information requests. This is where a professional Migration Agent can provide great value to your case. DIBP generally allocates Decision Ready applications a priority.


Co-ordination of medical exams. These must be undertaken by all applicants at a prescribed Panel Doctor. Usually you would fill in an online health screening questionnaire, and print a referral letter.

Police checks:

Co-ordination of Police checks. Certificates are only valid for 12 months. Police checks are required from each country where the applicant has lived for more than 12 months in the last 10 years.

Clients with criminal records often then require further assistance, often involving a Criminal Lawyer to prepare a Character submission. Therefore full disclosure upfront can help enormously, save time and money.

Liaison with Case Officer (DIBP):

After your application is submitted, you may expect an acknowledgment email/letter from DIPB + Bridging Visa grant (if you are in Australia).

Depending on your visa subclass, you may expect to wait for 2 weeks to 18 months for a Case Officer to be allocated to your application.

Notification of decision on your application is usually via email. Sometimes via postal service. All my cases (except one De Facto partner visa case, now approved) have been successful!

Visa conditions

There are usually conditions attached to each visa, different conditions for different purposes. For example a Subclass 457 temporary work visa will have conditions 8107 - WORK LIMITATION, 8501 - MAINTAIN HEALTH INSURANCE.